Public Indoor Air Quality: How to Improve the Air in Your Place of Business

indoor air qualityCustomer wellness is a priority whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or other service industry. Fortunately, it’s not hard to improve public indoor air quality. Making some minor adjustments can make a major difference in the well-being of your customers and employees.

Revelations About Public Indoor Air Quality

In one study, commercial areas were found to have a significant level of volatile organic compounds and other microbiological contaminants. The study, entitled Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Retail Stores, focused mainly on the retail sector. However, we believe it applies across all industries.

The study revealed that contaminants can be reduced significantly by having ample ventilation and air filtration. Proper HVAC maintenance is necessary. Commercial HVAC and exhaust systems are required in some industries, particularly those that serve food, such as restaurants and pubs.

Be Mindful of Decorations

Since it’s December, we think it appropriate to discuss Christmas decorations. Indeed, a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations certainly add to the ambience of your office or store. However, a fir tree contains an estimated 500-700 mold spores per cubic meter. Even a faux tree and its ornaments can accumulate allergens. Be sure to dust and clean the tree regularly.

Limit Indoor Plants

We just touched on Christmas trees. However, the rule also applies generally to all indoor plants. More retail and dining locations are incorporating plants as part of the interior decoration. While plants have the secondary benefit of releasing oxygen, they are also allergy triggers.

Clean Often

Regularly clean all upholstery and carpet because these are magnets for allergens. We also suggest using electrostatic filters for your commercial HVAC system. Finally, keep the windows and/or entrance open for air circulation.

We Improve Indoor Air

Contact All Points Heating for commercial store development. We can improve indoor air with repairs or installation of new HVAC systems. Public indoor air quality is integra to patron wellness.

Commercial HVAC Repair and Installation

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