Summer Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance: How to Keep Your Unit in Peak Condition

commercial refrigerator maintenance, refrigerator maintenance, commercial refrigeratorProperly functioning commercial refrigeration is crucial for any business that stores perishable goods. This is especially critical in the warmest time of year. A broken system can result in spoiled goods totaling thousands of dollars. It goes without saying that summer commercial refrigerator maintenance is vital.

Why Summer Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Matters

During cooler months, lower ambient temperatures keep storage items cool even if the fridge has minor issues. Unfortunately, this benefit goes out the window in the summer months. This is why pre-summer and summer maintenance is the best prevention. It reduces chances of requiring a last-minute emergency repair.

1. Prevention

You should regularly schedule an inspection. A basic evaluation of your unit includes:

  • Checking the unit’s temperature reading
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Verifying thermostat and pressure controls
  • Inspecting the condensing unit’s suction, liquid, and discharge lines

2. Install an Automatic Alarm

Many modern commercial refrigeration units have an automatic alarm that alerts staff if a malfunction occurs. Nowadays, the alarm is part of smart monitoring technology with telematics that allow you check the system’s health remotely. This includes 24/7 monitoring of items such as temperature, suction pressure, and compressor function.

Remote monitoring enables you to take immediate action if something goes wrong. You have about four hours to rectify the situation before perishable goods begin to be affected.

3. Be Mindful of Location

The ideal location for a commercial unit is away from exterior walls. This is especially so for exterior walls with windows. Heat penetrates through walls and windows, which can cause the fridge to work harder. This reduces efficiency, leading to more frequent breakdowns.

We Inspect Commercial Units

Summer is the worst time for a fridge unit to go out because you have less time to act. Our store development solutions include both repairs and new unit installations. Call All Points Heating for preventive commercial refrigerator maintenance.

Commercial Refrigerator Prevention Maintenance

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