How to Reduce HVAC Noise Pollution

HVAC noise pollutionThe commercial HVAC system in your workplace keeps your staff cool in summer and cozy in winter. However, HVAC units also make a lot of unwelcome noise. At times, this can be borderline intolerable for facility members who need to concentrate. We’ll explore some ways to keep HVAC noise pollution to a minimum.

Upgrade the System

Modern air conditioning and furnace systems are quieter and more energy efficient. If your facility still relies on a system from the 1990s, then perhaps you need to upgrade. The humming is especially loud if the unit is too large for the space.

Rearrange the Room

The noise pollution is greatest at the vents and in the ductwork. If possible, position seats, cubicles, and work areas in the away from the vents. In some instances, a technician may be able to reposition the ducts and airways.

Absorb the Sound

Does the room include a lot of glass and metal? These two components are notorious for creating an echo effect. If possible, try renovating the workspace to include carpet and plaster.

Plants, believe it or not, also do a good job at cutting down on noise pollution. The leaves and stems absorb sound. Unlike walls with a rigid surface, plants have soft flexible surfaces. This causes sound waves to deform, thus muting them before they reach a person’s ears.

Add Privacy Booths

Privacy booths resemble phone booths and can nearly eliminate all noise. Invest in a booth or two and reserve them for staff members engaged in important projects.

We Can Reduce HVAC Noise Pollution

If your HVAC is making too much noise, then you may have an outdated system. Call All Points Heating for an upgrade. Modern fans and air quality systems have very quiet operation. This may help reduce HVAC noise pollution and promote a more productive work environment.

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