Ideas for a Company Summer Barbecue

company summer barbecueThe office shouldn’t be a 24/7 workplace. Every year, managers and CEOs should throw a company summer barbecue right outside the office. This is a great way to allow the dedicated staff to loosen their ties. Treating your work-family to good food on the company’s dime is a major morale booster.

The Food

Go for the good stuff. We’re talking about juicy baby-back ribs, lamb, salmon, T-bone steak, etc. Be sure to have vegetarian and vegan options, too. Don’t relegate the non-meat eaters to only the snacks and side grub.

We recommend buying the food and preparing them at the event rather than opting for catering. The very act of cooking and waiting on the food makes for a good social setting. We also advise investing in an outdoor barbecue grill for the company’s property. This way, you have a permanent gathering space for leisure company events.

Buy the food ahead of time and store it in your facility’s refrigeration unit to keep perishables within safe temperatures.


Play music in the background and break out the games. Fun games also double as team building activities. The manager, supervisor, or other higher-ups should also play along. For this one day, everyone is equal; no superiors or subordinates. Some good team-based activities include:

  • Beer pong (for adults)
  • Frozen t-shirt race
  • Pie or chicken wing eating contest

If staff members’ children are in attendance, then buy some inexpensive toys for the kids to play with and take home. This includes squirt guns, frisbees, hacky sacks, etc.

We Install Refrigeration Units and Grills

An outdoor living space isn’t just for residences. It also creates a homely feel for businesses and makes the premises feel less corporate-like. Contact All Points Heating for add-ons for your facility. This way, you can bring staff together for a company summer barbecue.

Outdoor Living Installations for Mukilteo Facilities

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