How to Protect Your AC Unit from the Rain

protect AC from the rainWith spring come spring showers. A little drizzle is not an issue, but a complete downpour is a whole other problem. While manufacturers design residential AC units to withstand water exposure, heavy rain combined with wind can cause damage. We’ll explain how you can protect your AC unit from the rain and the natural elements.

How Rain Affects Air Conditioners

AC units have sealed electrical components that shield the circuitry from rain. However, when the rain is accompanied by strong gusts, airborne projectiles and debris can lodge in the system. For AC systems installed on ground level, heavy rains can also cause floods that inundate the unit. Flood water can also damage air ducts and air quality systems if they’re located within the same vicinity.

How to Safeguard the AC System

Mukilteo can be rainy city during peak spring. We advise home and business owners to protect their installed AC and HVAC units. The solution is quite simple: invest in a rain guard. This is a simple add-on that protects any part of the system that partially or completely protrudes outdoors.

While rain guards are simple constructions, don’t think you can improvise one yourself with cardboard, plastic wrap, or garbage bags. We have seen our fair share of these failed DIY cover guards that have done more harm than good. These may also void the system’s warranty. They may also lead to condensation buildup. Moisture accumulation, in turn, leads to rusted metal and rot in the rubber and wiring. This also encourages insect inhabitation.

We’ll Protect Your AC from the Rain

AC units are sturdy, but they’re not indestructible. Call All Points Heating in order to safeguard your air conditioning system from heavy spring showers. Our repair service addresses all preventive measures. Entrust us to protect your AC unit from the rain and other forces of nature.

AC System Repair and Weather Protection

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