Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Barbecue

Valentine’s Day BarbecuePeople tend to think of a barbecue as a summer event or occasion, reserved for Sunday afternoons during baseball season. Well, here’s a bold idea: how about a Valentine’s Day barbecue? This is a intimate way to have dinner with a significant other without worrying about securing a restaurant reservation.

Why a Home Barbecue for Valentine’s Day?

Why not? This is quite a creative idea, don’t you think? Use this occasion for breaking out the grill and smoker and having a private dinner at home. A dinner at a restaurant is so conventional. Plus, if you haven’t made a reservation already, then you’re probably out of luck. The same goes for a date at the movie theaters or booking a hotel suite.

Valentine’s Day Barbecue Ideas

1. Load Up on the Oysters

Oysters are the perfect romantic food. Casanova was believed to eat 50 oysters for breakfast every day. Oysters are also a rich source of zinc, which increases libido. You and your partner can feed each other oysters while enjoying an ice-cold glass of tequila or a margarita.

2. The Salad

Salad makes for a romantic appetizer. Consider a Valentine’s Day salad with ingredients like hearts of palm, celery hearts, and artichoke hearts. Enjoy the salad with the main dish consisting of a smoked rack of lamb.

3. Fire up the Fireplace

You can enjoy the cozy meal for two outdoors or bring the food inside and by the fireplace. Better yet, invite another couple for a duo date. This adds a social element to the occasion.

Make This Valentine’s Day Extra Special

Contact All Points Heating if you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day at home. We can set the mood with outdoor living accessories for a romantic cookout. With a Valentine’s Day barbecue, you’ll enjoy the company of your significant other, not to mention a homecooked meal.

Barbecue Grills for a Romantic Dinner for Two

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