Walk-In Freezer Safety Tips for Employees

walk-in freezer safetyWe hope you had a nice Christmas. With 2018 here, kickstart the year by enforcing workplace safety practices. This reduces chances of injury, which can result in lost productivity and increased medical insurance costs. If you work in the food industry, we recommend these walk-in freezer safety tips for your employees.

Walk-In Freezer Safety Tips

A walk-in Freezer is a shed-size room of blistering cold. Negligence can result in an accidental lockin or a slip and fall. Be adamant that your staff follows these safety practices:

1. Regularly Inspect the Safety Releases

Modern freezer and refrigeration units have safety releases for preventing accidental entrapment. Employees who become locked in are at risk of severe hypothermia. Check the safety release regularly to be sure it’s functioning properly. Employees should also use the buddy system when entering refrigeration units.

2. Clean the Unit

Clean the unit interior just as you would regularly wipe down a home refrigerator. Just because temperatures are ice-cold does not mean the interior is mold-free. Mold not only spoils the food inventory but can also cause illness.

3. Don’t Overfill Shelves

An overfilled freezer is less efficient. Refrain from overloading the top shelves, which can cause a collapse. This can injure employees; and exposed food that makes contact with the floor must be discarded.

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4. Provide Safety Gear

Keep cold-weather jackets, gloves, and hardhats adjacent to the freezer entrance. This increases comfort, warmth, and safety when working inside the unit. Your staff also won’t rush to get out of the cold.

Improve Your Workplace Safety

Contact All Points Heating to develop your store. We provide a range of commercial cooling units as well as 24/7 maintenance. Establishing employee safety practices for walk-in freezers is one way to ensure staff welfare and reduce preventable accidents.

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